Local Authorities

Population Profiling For Local Authorities

Although other segmentation tools do exist, they use national census data applied at a local level to deliver approximate findings. In comparison, Localise utilises census data which has been factored locally, providing huge increases in accuracy and validity. This is one of the reasons that Localise is recommended by CIPFA, the Chartered Institute for Public Finance and Accountancy.

Population Profiling For Local Authorities - Localise_CIPFA

A number of local authorities are already utilising the technique of analysing customers at a local level to help them in a number of ways. The tool was originally designed and implemented by Andy Parkinson during his time at Hull City Council, and he has played a key role in further developing Localise to what it is today.

Capital and Assets Management

Localise can be used by local authorities to:

  • Fully profile and understand customers by various demographics
  • Develop bespoke customer segments
  • Map customer segments against existing internal data
  • Streamline services and help manage budgets
  • Help plan capital assets management
  • Integrate property information with demand
  • Develop a picture of and plan the strategy for managing key service hubs

One of the key principles behind Localise is that more specific, targeted data can be integrated in to the algorithm – for instance data from CRM systems or local surveys. This bridges the gap between demographic and attitudinal data and allows for better decision making and long-term cost saving.

For example, demographic data may suggest that, as a proportion of a population speaks Urdu, it is necessary to have a similar proportion of Urdu speakers in a call center. However, attitudinal surveys may highlight that actually, what these Urdu speakers want is access to English teaching. Localise allows this data to be combined and then mapped geographically – highlighting the areas in which it would be most appropriate to provide English tutoring.

Also, most local authorities have an array of data which can be linked to the Localise tool and mapped geographically – such as crime data, healthcare data and data relating to past (and future) market research projects. However, the tool is not just a data manipulation exercise. Where existing findings do not exist, DJS Research Ltd is more than able to complete primary research if necessary.