Population Profiling and Segmentation Team

The Localise population profiling and segmentation team is made up of members of DJS Research Ltd’s executive team, CIPFA Property and the originator of the tool, Andy Parkinson. Our team of highly knowledgeable research and capital and asset management professionals have years of experience in both the public and private sectors working with and for some of the largest and most well known organisations in the world. You can find out a bit more about the key members below:

Alasdair Gleed

Research Director: DJS Research Ltd

Alasdair is the Lead Director for Localise at DJS Research. He has more than 15 years of experience in market research and works across both the public and private sector for major brands such as Primark, The East of England Co-Operative Society, The British Council, Towergate, The NHS and several local authorities including county and city councils. Within his role as a Research Director, Alasdair has worked with numerous profiling and segmentation tools and has vast experience of applying this methodology to an array of situations across both the public and private sectors. He has presented findings to a number of senior audiences including government bodies and board level meetings within corporations. Alasdair has a degree in International Business and the MRS Advanced Certificate.

Alex McCluckie

Research Manager: DJS Research Ltd

Alex has worked at DJS since 2011 and has managed a range of projects amongst some of Localise’s key target audiences including Housing Associations, Local Authorities and Retailers. His experience has seen him conduct both qualitative and quantitative projects for a diverse range of clients, some of which include Cumbria County Council, The Chartered Institute of Housing, Affinity Sutton and the East of England Co-operative Society.  He graduated with 1st Class Honours in Sport, has an MA in Social Research Methods from Durham University and has also completed the MRS Advanced Certificate.

Andy Parkinson

Research Consultant

Andy has more than 12 years’ senior experience in customer insight across several sectors, including FMCG and telecoms. However, it is his work in the public sector  which saw the development of the Localise tool, Andy being the designer of this unique approach developing an alternative to national profiling software. Andy led Kingston Upon Hull’s capital and asset pathfinder project as one of the original pilots run by the Department of Communities and Local Government. It was this pilot in which Localise  pioneered a range of savings initiatives showcasing what can be achieved using segmentation to define customer need. His work has been highlighted by CIPFA as best practice, being a key note speaker at national CIPFA conferences in Scotland, Wales and England.

David Brindley

Director: CIPFA Property

David is a Chartered Building Surveyor, Corporate Building Engineer and Auditor member of the National Register of Access Consultants. David has been with CIPFA since January 1999 and has been responsible for the Property offerings of CIPFA since 2003, prior to that he was Senior Project Manager responsible for the Stock Condition Survey and Access Audit Projects. David has 30 years’ experience of surveying with a background in both the public and private sector having worked for a number of private practices together with both Cheshire and Essex County Councils.