Consumer and Customer Profiling At A Local Level

Localise is a regional and sub-regional consumer and customer profiling tool designed by DJS Research Ltd, a leading UK market research consultancy with operations all over the world.

  • Provides a robust view of UK consumers’ demographic characteristics by applying local census data at a local level.
  • Localise can give robust analysis of the population as it actually exists, rather than an approximation using national data. This is possible through our detailed segmentation analysis which is carried out at a local level.
  • Localise enables you to truly understand your customers and target audience, identifying who they are and where they live to levels of detail as precise as a single street.
  • Combine your own data with the tool – synthesising local survey or customer data with locally modeled demographics.
  • Our approach is unique. Other existing consumer classifications products utilise national data to look at the local populations (so the segments are created based on national data). We create bespoke segments at a local level which gives a much higher degree of accuracy and granularity – for example, consider how a socio-demographic segmentation of London might look in comparison to a segmentation of Cumbria. The population profiles of the two areas are completely different.

[Consumer and Customer Profiling Tool - Localise

The map above gives an idea of the outputs which we are able to produce using the Localise tool. Consumers are profiled and segmented, and then mapped geographically on to the city or region in question.

Localise can be applied across both the public and private sector, and can be used to:

  • Understand the socio-demographic makeup of certain neighbourhoods within a city and thus better plan capital assets expenditure (i.e. council services or retail outlets).
  • Target products, services or campaigns to a particular demographic group within a tightly defined geographic area.
  • Target mailshots and advertising campaigns and utilise tailored messages to better engage niche groups.

Applying Localise To Your Existing Data

We can also apply Localise segmentation to any existing data sets that include a postcode – this could include transactional data or survey data – to further enhance your understanding of consumer and customer behaviour. For example, you may already have market research data relating to customer satisfaction with service levels. This data can be applied to Localised segments so that you can understand which demographic profiles are more or less satisfied.

Another example might include targeted leaflet drops advertising an online grocery order and delivery service. Utilising Localise segments and existing CRM data, retailers could target highly relevant neighbourhoods best suited to this offer – for instance young professionals who carry out their grocery shops late at night and can thus be assumed to be time poor. Additional research could even be carried out with these consumers prior to Localise mapping to ensure that the service is something they would be interested in.

Combining Localise With Primary Market Research

Finally, if there is no existing data relating to a topic which an organisation wishes to map geographically, DJS Research Ltd have the in-house resources to carry out that research and then link it to the Localise product.

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